What is 4Matrix?

4Matrix is a powerful, remarkably low-cost, SQL database-driven, networked application that works as easily as other Microsoft applications, like Word. It can be used across a school network by all teachers and managed by a data manager. 4Matrix will import and automatically process rich data directly from all major MIS in minutes, or you can easily copy and paste from spreadsheets. You can import any number of data series into 4Matrix, including exam results, Levels, estimated grades or target grades.

4Matrix provides power tools which can be used to analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the quality of learning and the progress made by different groups of pupils, and the consistency and impact of teaching. 4Matrix works at key stages 3 & 4.

Teachers can use 4Matrix to investigate the effectiveness of teaching and learning - without needing to be statisticians. 4Matrix turns low level data into the language of school improvement. We are currently working with schools to develop solutions to Assessing Without Levels. We will release these later this year.

4Matrix has already helped many schools gain an Outstanding judgment for leadership.

Why does our school need it?

  • 4Matrix is the most powerful system available to manage the performance of pupils across their subjects
  • You can do much more with the data in your Management Information System (MIS)
  • It provides the essential professional tools to support the work of the knowledge-driven, self-evaluating school
  • It can help your school demonstrate Outstanding Leadership through the use of performance data

What does 4Matrix do?

  • 4Matrix will easily import data from all major MIS as well as from spreadsheets
  • Produce all your performance reports on Exam Results day in minutes
  • Identify key intervention groups, and forecast next year's headline results to within 2-5%
  • Automatically calculate Levels of Progress and Value Added for all pupils
  • Provide evidence of the impact of interventions, including Pupil Premium
  • Show the impact of teaching for every teaching group
  • Gives teachers the most effective set of data tools for undertaking research into teaching and learning

Why is 4Matrix essential for managing pupil progress?

  • Two thirds of pupils with high Levels at KS2 are underachieving because their targets are incorrect (source). The Flight Path and VA Target tools ensure that this cannot happen in your school
  • The Flight Path tool provides the most sophisticated approach yet devised for monitoring progress in relation to targets grades, levels of progress and Value Added
  • The Transition Matrices tool will produce photo-reports to show the progress made by pupils in any category
  • The VA Target tool checks that whatever method you use to set targets is effective in leading to positive Value Added for all pupils
  • The Progress8 tool ensures that current and future groups are on track to achieve positive P8 and A8 scores

How can 4Matrix help schools support effective teaching?

  • Teachers can investigate learning effectiveness across their classes through an action-research approach
  • 4Matrix can produce essential reports on the impact of teaching to support Performance Management and Ofsted inspection preparation
  • 4Matrix will provide quantitative evidence to support Gap Analysis and the impact of intervention on the performance of groups of pupils

How can 4Matrix support Outstanding school leaders?

Many schools are already using 4Matrix to take greater control over their inspection. We have created a high-impact training day, based on this system, that has already helped school leaders achieve an Outstanding Leadership grading from Ofsted. Systemic Knowledge-Driven Leadership is a new and proven approach to leadership development in the use of performance data. Click here to download details.

How can our school get started with 4Matrix?

Getting started is simple. Senior school staff can order 4Matrix from the Sign Up link and have it up and running the same day. 4Matrix is easily installed on a server in around 15 minutes - or on a stand-alone PC if you wish to immediately see the power of 4Matrix using our demonstration school database. Then use it with your own school data and wonder how you ever managed without it.

4Matrix is very good and inexpensive for what it does. Don't take our word for it - click this link and see for yourself what headteachers and others say about 4Matrix.

Do school leaders say this about any other management software?

“I cannot recommend 4Matrix highly enough"
- Alan Yellup, Executive Headteacher, Wakefield City Academy

“4Matrix is brilliant! We recommend it without reservation."
- Kenny Frederick, Principal, George Green School

“4Matrix is the most brilliant piece of data analysis software I have seen"
- Ian Crews, Vice Principal, Bodmin College

“4Matrix allows SLT to forensically analyse performance"
- Tony Ryan, Headteacher, Chiswick School

"4Matrix is a brilliant product"
- Allan Foulds, Headteacher, Cheltenham Bournside School

"We are loving 4Matrix"
- Lucy Monk, Headteacher, Helenswood School

"The new features are fantastic!”
- Kathleen Moloney, Data Leader, Woodbridge High School

"Wow! We have been bowled over by the power of 4Matrix"
- Ged Ward, Headteacher, Macclesfield High School

“Ofsted were very impressed with our use of 4Matrix"
- Steve Griffiths, Deputy Headteacher, Longton High School

"Ofsted accepted our 4Matrix predictions without further discussion"
- Richard Ayre, Vice Principal, The Brittons Academy

"4Matrix is rocket fuel for the self-evaluating school"
- Tom Cassidy, Vice Principal, Paddington Academy

“4Matrix is the Holy Grail for Data Managers!"
- Tanveer Butt, Data Manager

“4Matrix is an amazing piece of software. It is also incredibly good value"
- Claire Hobbs, Assistant Headteacher

"4Matrix is a fantastic application"
- Graeme Watson, Data Manager, Woodham Community Technology College

"What a toolbox 4Matrix is! It is fabulous!"
- Les Glasby, Assistant Principal, Tendring Technology College

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